Rugby Union

12 Years & Under

Key Information 
Regional Trials: 24/06/2014 - West Taylor Bridge RU Club
Convenor: Chris Purcell (St Peter Claver College)

State Championships: 29-31/08/2014 - Sunnybank (Met East)
Manager: Margot Feierabend (Churchill SS)
Coach: Chris Purcell (St Peter Claver College)
Assistant Coach: Maioha Gregory (St Peter Claver College)

15 Years and Under

Key Information 
Regional Trials: 25/06/2014 - West Taylor Bridge RU Club
Convenor: Chad de Waard (St Edmund's College)

State Championships: 31/07-3/08/2014 - Barlow Park (Peninsula)
Manager: Roger Holt (Richlands East SS)
Coach: David Miles (St Edmunds College)
Assistant Coach: Chad de Waard (St Edmunds College)

18 Years and Under

Key Information
Regional Trials: 04/03/2014 - Wests Centenary Junior RL Club
Convenor: Ratu Maseinawa (Redbank Plains SHS)

State Championships: 1-4/05/2014 - Toowoomba (Darling Downs)
Manager: Shannon Turner (Redbank Plains SHS)
Coach: Ratu Maseinawa (Redbank Plaind SHS)
Assistant Coach: Mick Kinnane (Sports First Aid Services)

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